Educational System of Pakistan …The Dark side

Pakistan’s education system has lost its goals and direction for a long time, and as a result, the country is continuously heading towards a worse state.

No names have emerged in education, science, and technology. No innovation has taken place for decades. Critical thinking has been lost as if it never existed. It is unfortunate that so far nobody has paid attention to this problem, and there is no hope for the near future. Illiteracy benefits all in power classes.

Modern Recipe to Mental Slavery

The modern method of mental slavery is a vicious cycle of constant busyness and collective activities that deprives students and developing minds of the ability to question and make decisions.

However, we must not succumb to this bleak reality. Individuality and thinking differently is like a crime. opinion without fear of judgment can be priced by a life.

A struggle for maintaining freedom and basic rights never ends.

The illusion of societal norms and conforming beliefs limit thoughts and abilities. The most precious essence of individuality is lost in a constant flow of useless information.

Have you ever noticed that the entire media, all at once, starts singing the same note, and people, as if they have forgotten the last issue, act like bandwagon followers?

Relation of Education and Psychology

Psychology is an incredibly intriguing field, for truly grasp the value and significance of the following content, it is important to have a basic foundation in the workings of the human brain and intellect. With this understanding, you will be able to fully appreciate and benefit from the nuanced concepts presented.

Remember, the power of freedom lies within our thoughts, and this content aims to challenge the basic beliefs that empower your mind.

What ia a psychological trigger?

A psychological trigger is something that causes a specific response in our minds. It can be a word, an image, or a situation that makes us feel or act in a certain way. These triggers can be both obvious and hidden, and they can affect our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

it can be a command, a sound, a slogan…

We observed in everyday life that some people react the same on a test or any specific act without thinking…

Can a trigger activated externally?

Yes, triggers can be activated externally. They are stimuli or experiences designed to ignite responses in educational settings. External triggers refer to stimuli that come from outside of ourselves, such as events, objects, or other people, which can provoke a specific response or behavior in us. External triggers can also influence our behavior.

Here’s a simplified explanation with examples from everyday life.

Visual aids, such as colorful diagrams or interactive videos, can serve as educational triggers. They capture attention by presenting information in a visually appealing and accessible way.

Field trips or hands-on activities are experiential triggers. For instance, visiting a historical site or conducting a science experiment provides real-world encounters that bring learning to life, fostering active engagement and knowledge retention.

External triggers are everywhere around us. It could be a specific song, a taran, mili nagma with a specific interval that reminds you of a cherished memory. 

Just hearing the opening notes can instantly transport you back in time, triggering a flood of emotions and vivid recollections.

These examples demonstrate how external triggers can impact our thoughts, emotions, and actions in everyday situations.

Unfortunately, the trigger we are holding in our minds controls our thoughts, identities, and beliefs.

Why toy Gun is most selling toy in Pakistan?

Pakistani Educational Book as a tool for altering opinions

Khurshid Kamal, an esteemed historian from Pakistan, provides a detailed account of how Ayub Khan selectively chose textbooks to eliminate opposing views during his reign.

 In 1969, Ayub Khan added a few words of praise about himself in Urdu books for the first time. Yet, the legacy of his regime did not survive the test of time and, after his reign ended, all such words were removed from the books by his successor.

Project Islamisation of country, Turning Point for Country's Educational landscape

General Zia Ul Haq’s era was. In that dark era in which the triggers were planted, continuous bloodshed was the required goal. That was the ideology of General Zia Ul Haq that changed the course of Pakistan’s educational system.

First and foremost, books were targeted. 

  • New subjects were introduced.
  • history was rewritten, starting point, from the era of Arab ignorance, which leads to the Prophet (SAW) and the Caliphs, followed by a brief account of some Islamic generals, and then, the chapter of the Mughal Empire was arranged.
  • An attempt was made to create a sense of deprivation, and systematic
  • efforts were made to cultivate hatred among certain communities by adding cunning and negative words making beliefs without defining reasons or developing understanding, like “Hindu Makar. Ayar “
  • What do you feel about Yehudi? And can you define the reasons for our feelings for you?
  • Without developing an understanding, hate was cultivated in some classes.
  • The Teacher was forced to teach only what was printed and provided. 
  • The famous quote ” Syllabus as bahr nahi Parana“(Teach what is written in books) is introduced.
  • Teachers were not allowed to read any article or chapter besides the book.
  • Pakistan study was launched, with a specific history. As a result, the new generation can’t write a single page on total Pakistan and subcontinent history.
  • The style of the classroom was changed from provoking and curiosity-building to discouraging.
  • The main goal was to harden the mindset of students and rigid beliefs were installed. The questioning was discouraged.
  • The design to refuse any truth or position even after well understanding was formulated during this era.
  • The supporting books printed in that era are a nightmare still today, and a series of programs were launched back-to-back (Suni, Shia, jihad)
  • The total number of Pakistanis who were killed by this educational brutality remains unknown.

Mordren learning technique

In modern learning, it is the basics of schooling that seek help from new materials and introduce new brains from different viewpoints, with a mindful approach, only reading summaries and avoiding materials other than assigned books can limit a student’s understanding.

Forgotten history of Pakistan

The historic conversation of diplomates on Karachi beach was resolved, and the answer to the debate of progress between New York and Karachi can be found in the sand of those beaches. That was the end point of Pakistan’s golden era.

The dark future of the country was established without a doubt, and the next generations are paying the price.

Pakistan’s bureaucracy stands as a driving force behind numerous systems worldwide. We have successfully established transformative ports, our airline trains professionals across the globe, and each department has achieved remarkable milestones. 

However, these achievements seem to have marked the end of an era, leaving us with a flickering flame of past glory.

Why are there war monuments in every children's park?

Extremism and education system

Perceiving extremism in books can be challenging, but a careful examination of academic literature reveals a biased portrayal of the Pakistan movement and the motives behind Pakistan. 

It is necessary for educators to promote unbiased education and research for a deeper understanding of historical events. Open and analytical discourse is crucial to equip future generations with knowledge and critical thinking skills.

For example, the white color of the Pakistan flag is for minorities’ share in Pakistan they are equal shareholders, but can you name three of them.

Extremism gradually became a reality.

The Forgotten Legacy: Sacrifices of Minorities and Non-Muslim Heroes in History

The sacrifices made by minorities and the contributions of non-Muslim heroes in history faded purposely. These individuals, who played significant roles in the Pakistan movement and after independence are our heritage but are overlooked or marginalized.

The history has been rewritten to the extent that all non-Muslim heroes have been eliminated from our course books. Eminent figures like Cecil Chaudhry, Diana Emeterio, Jamshed Kaiqad, Ardeshir Marker (Hilal-e-Imtiaz), Julius Salik (Nobel Prize nominee), Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Geoffrey Langley, Albert Sester Gertrude (Star of Quaid-e-Azam), Iqbal Masih, Meri Ameen (Star of Imtiaz), William Desmond Henry (Star of Courage), and great personalities like Justice Cornelius have not been properly introduced in any textbook, but an effort has been made to design society completely without them.

Today, you can see how many people there are around you who are from minorities and are in good working positions. 

Educational books are triggers

Educational triggers are slowly integrated into our memories from primary school books, and during the process, these triggers become a part of our thoughts that shape our future via behaviors and reactions.

  • Primers are tools to make intelligence disabled. The most important Primers (primary unconscious training) are primary books but for better understanding will discuss them in a better sequence.
  • Images and toys are useful in small groups for that purpose. Now let’s sketch the story.
  • Class III, Islam is taught in Punjab Textbook Board books which state that Islam is true and superior to all other religions.
    • At this age, children are not even introduced to the basic teachings of Islam or Islamic laws, creating passive attitudes.
  •  Class 7, other religions are said to be only faithful to a certain extent, we are the true Muslims. We are Flag barriers of Islam.
    • With the concept, the whole Islamic world is not following pure Islam but we are.
  •  Class 8, Only a better Muslim can become a better human being.
    • Here, the role of a better Muslim, knowledge, friendship, and other modern sciences is not the question.
  •  Students are taught about jihad and the spirit to achieve essence, even through financial and intellectual means.
    • But not in the field of science and technology.
  • Class 10, two surahs Surah Tawbah, and Surah Anfal were part of the syllabus, which we read and memorized with translation. Surah Tawbah, contain verses related to Jihad, and Surah Anfal, which refers to “Mal e gangmate” and Jihad.
  • Shaheed and the glory of Shadat are created.
    • Who makes this life better is ignored.
  •  It’s the easiest to stir up and use our religious feelings.

If even 5% of these rules are followed, maybe the situation will be better.

Don't forget the relation of age and devolping mind

At a time when gentleness and flexibility were to be created in the minds of the students, there was a feeling that we are superior and that someone else (America, white people, Jews) was responsible for our condition, hate is cultivated.

Continuously use the word Hindu and Yehudi in a negative senesce. make a feeling of enmity but why?

The bitter reality is from first class a student starts telling lies and learns all those social and moral evils that ruined society at the end.

Remember that the basic teachings of Islam or Islamic orders are not even mentioned. Inaction is born from here. And the contradiction in words and actions takes root herein.

Acknowledgment in Saint of Pakistan

Chairman Raza Rabbani boldly stated in a March 2016 Saint’s meeting that our current textbooks need a revamp. 

“Our books teach dictatorship instead democracy” 

In an effort to uplift our education system, it’s important to address flaws in the current curriculum. The depiction of Baloch peo

 In order to build a thriving nation, we must cultivate independent thinking and allow our citizens to speak their minds without intimidation from those in power.

Stunting in Pakistan is entered in a critical phase, latest results showed 55% of children are affected due to malnourishment and lack of necessary nutrients. This is a Question mark on the future of Pakistan.

Afghanistan before Sovit war
Afghanistan before Sovit attack

Can you point a single smile like this in todays “Afghanistan”.

This is the Black Reality


Creation of jihad and jihadi's

Washington Post “From U.S, the ABC’s of Jihad” Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway

Above mentioned is a comprehensive article published in 2002, extensively discussed, spotted how things work.

The article reveals that the

  • textbooks, originally published in the dominant Afghan languages of Dari and Pashto, were created in the early 1980s as part of a grant-in-aid to the University of Nebraska-Omaha and its Center for Afghanistan Studies.
  • A staggering $51 million was allocated to university education programs in Afghanistan by the agency.
  • For the duration from 1984 and 1994.

During the Soviet occupation

  • local military leaders in Afghanistan aided the United States in smuggling these books into the country.
  • These leaders insisted that the primers contain passages that opposed the Soviet presence.
  • Consequently, children were taught to count using images of tanks, missiles, and landmines.
  • At that time, it was in America’s interest to fuel animosity towards foreign invaders.

Why are Afghani's still bleeding?

  • These primers glorified jihad and included depictions of guns, bullets, soldiers, and mines, which have since become the core curriculum in Afghan schools.
  • Even the Taliban made use of these American-made textbooks, albeit with the alteration of removing human faces in line with their strict fundamentalist beliefs.
  • Taliban regime, Islamised those books by replacing human images from the books altogether.
  • In one particular passage from this period, a resistance fighter is depicted with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder, but his head has been omitted.
  • Above the soldier, a verse from the Quran is inscribed, while below it, a Pashto tribute is paid to the Mujahideen who have been declared obedient to Allah.
  • The text emphasizes that such individuals are willing to sacrifice their wealth and lives to establish Islamic law within the government.

Why is the whole world conspiring against us?

Role of UNICEF and US-AID

It’s not over yet.

“UNICEF still has 500,000 copies of outdated “militarized” books, worth $200,000, which it has decided to destroy, UN announced.

Pictures of explosive grenades and knives found in math primers purchased last week in Pakistan are reminiscent of drawings found in old schoolbooks provided to Afghans by AID.”(2002)

The head of the US AID Central Asia Task Force for book review, Chris Brown, said,

“We were happy that those books have thrown Sovit Union into trash.”


The question is when the mission is completed in 1994, then why did they keep those books till 2002? Do you think they are keeping them as a trophy?

Remind yourself Selfs most missions in Pakistan are run by US-AID and UNICEF.

The presence of American troops in the tribal areas of Pakistan and the news of last year may not be remembered by anyone. That news did not even make a place in mainstream media.

The books that were spread in Pakistan’s schools and tribal areas during that era, promoting jihad, are being caught and seized again. from schools.

Is this procedure still viable?

In the city of Knunhar, Afghanistan. There is an active school striving for improved outcomes and efficiency in their educational programs by ISIS.

However, the people involved are becoming increasingly impatient and eager for plans to execute their true mission.

Al Jazeera recorded a documentary highlighting this issue, bringing attention to the situation.

ISIS School Teaches Children Jihad in Afghanistan | FRONTLINE

What are these books?

Counting with, one missile, two tanks, three mines, A to Allah, Jihad to Sheen, Sheen to Shaheed, these are the seeds educational triggers

Which becomes reality in its time.

Now, in the same way, look at all the Schooling and educational stuff in “Educational System of Pakistan“. 

Thats the way to locked in the personality of a student and turned towards Islamic extremism. 

Islam, society is ready to massacre in the name of Islam but not ready to implement, and that is the “Project Islamization of Country“.

This project and similar projects are still active in many countries of the world, and also bringing this type of result.

Unfortunately, no ruler who came after the Afghan Jihad took any action against these explosive horns. They allowed them to be used without bothering to learn from Pakistan’s textbooks and follow theories that attempt to answer complicated questions and understand the reality of the situation.

Several changes were made, which were related to changing technology or minor updates. The difficulties of finding better ways are the core theme.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and textbooks

Criticism has been made on several issues relating to the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), including its education policy.

For the first time, a political party raised the issue of changing the threshold after General Zia-Ul-Haq’s rule. PTI has been demanding a change in the threshold since 2006, but the people currently responsible for setting the threshold themselves are the generation who were groomed by Zia-Ul-Haq’s Islamization of the country project.

Can they arrange for a balanced and progressive threshold?

Pakistan’s education system is at a dangerous turning point, regardless of which aspect is considered, there is a deep chasm in front of us.

Why does every news bulletin start with war news?

The Myth of ​​uniform national standards in educational system of Pakistan

Parvez Hood bhai has pointed out in a critical article, the key points of which are:

  • The slogan “uniform national standards” which seems simple and attractive at first glance is actually very difficult and dangerous for many people.
  • Those who are narrow-minded have Hijacked and misshaped the attractive idea, and thrown it out of context.
  • Pakistan’s future is in their hands and they pinpoint reality, like Zia-Ul-Haq.

Comparing the structure of two large schools’ systems, Madaris organization and Rabbat-Ul-Madaris, column by column.

  • Ordinary schools will now implement more rote learning than these schools.
  • The idea of uniform national standards is based on wrong assumptions
  • The difference in standards between various educational systems in Pakistan arises from working on different thresholds
  • The value of piety will become equal, to that of Aitchison College and your neighboring school’s students.


The middle class of Pakistan at the same time hates America and Europe and insists Islamic system but when questioning schooling the choice is western schools.

Mohsin Dawar's Half Truth

Half truth | Mohsin Darawr in national Assembly Pakistan

“The complete point is that today the whole of Pakistan is involved in it.”

Why are we in constent state of war?

An environment for triggers to flourish

Certain circumstances or conditions can create an environment where triggers thrive. This occurs when various factors align, amplifying or activating triggers and leading to intensified reactions or responses.

Triggers can take different forms depending on the situation, often relating to emotional, psychological, or physiological stimuli that elicit strong or negative reactions.

in simple words, psychological stimuli are processed in the form of thoughts. A special type of environment, which involves a rigorous, repetitive, and scientific approach to denial and confrontation of present truths, is required for them to become resilient trees.

This ensures that every seed that sprouts and those that are “far-sighted” and part of this system, act upon their impulses.

These techniques are separate subjects in themselves and require a separate chapter to be allotted for them.

Mohammad Bin Qasim

Almost everyone in Pakistan knows who a military general Muhammad bin Qasim is but no knows who’s general was he.

A few seemingly ordinary things

Here are some simple examples:

  • regardless in which condition the country is a specific song at a particular time. War dramas, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Major Aziz Bhatti, Ghazi and so on.
  • Even today, almost every young person wishes to join the army.
  • Missile and war equipment models in every city.
  • Display of war instruments at every major intersection.
  • Regularly, on the change of command, a planned image-building campaign.
  • Environment emphasizing martyrdom as being superior to death.

Ertugrul Ghazi and Artificial Intelligence

In the age of science fiction, in Pakistan, the drama Ertugrul is being presented with full preparation and energy. The glory of sword in AI’s era that do not create instrument to new future, new thinking and creativity.

On the other hand, AI is being legislated by the European Union. A new era is going to revolutionize the world, and we are still unable to update our books.

Slavery lies in behaviours

Understanding recent events will be easy. Recently, rumors about two Prime Ministers being slapped one after the other have surfaced. Everyone is accusing each other of slapping, but no one opened their mouth against the person who slapped them.

They know Why the system was created and what “Slavery” is.

The question is, can you define “Azadi” for yourself? If not then “Haqi Azadi” is out of the question.

Share if you find something learnable, and point out any considerable point via comment and mail for our improvement.


I am an ordinary man.

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