Last chance

In Pakistan, the game of monarchy continues under the guise of democracy. A few decades ago, when the movie “Thieves and Thieves” was running successfully, powerful individuals realized that the new generation was not interested in the current system. They believed that knowledge could either spark a rebellion or encourage independent thinking.

During this time, an emotional player emerged on the domestic scene, gaining popularity and goodwill. He spoke about the flaws in the system and how it had failed the people. The new generation was attracted to his message.

In a company meeting, concerned about the future, it was decided to align with this player’s agenda. Suddenly, the player who previously struggled to afford petrol for his car experienced a windfall, gaining significant attention and becoming the talk of the town.

Despite this newfound success, he remained steadfast in his principles, fighting for the same causes he had advocated for the past decade. Everyone seemed happy, and there was peace akin to heaven.

Then, “Thieves and Thieves Part 2” was released, featuring a new style and characters. The player’s stubbornness began to rise, and the company decided to show him his limitations. At the same time, the powerful and influential individuals grew angry, feeling threatened.

There was no conspiracy or interference; the order was clear, and compliance was expected. However, the player lost twenty years of hard work. While he had accomplished some positive things, he had forgotten his slogan, which was crucial for the future of the country and its people.

Chowk, a popular gathering place, lost its significance. But unexpectedly, the younger generation stood behind the players, surprising the company. The player, who was expected to fade into obscurity, rose again.

Nations face hard times, and it is during these challenging periods that they demonstrate their resilience. Tough decisions are made, and the weak are pushed aside due to their inability to cope. This may be the last chance for our generation. If Pakistan survives, the next generation will decide its fate.

This adversity has polished the player, who has taken several steps back and proven his ability to survive in this game. However, if he falls this time, there will be no difference between him and those who came before.

Ayub Khan did, as his will, and the company prevented anyone from speaking against him. Yahya Khan, Half of the country was lost during his rule. Yahya Khan led the nation while comfortably residing here. General Niazi went to East Pakistan as a respected military leader but returned as a prisoner. He eventually passed away in the country at an old age.

Musharraf waved his fists, leaving the country of his own accord. When he desired to return, no one could stop him. Those who destroyed Pakistan never bothered to answer for their actions. The seeds of servitude were continuously sown in our generations, but nature protected us from them. We remained where future rulers and leaders were trained, where independent thought was crushed.

Even today, most judges, politicians, bureaucrats, and influential figures behind the scenes are either classmates or trained together. If we don’t rectify this situation, if we don’t hold the previous owners accountable despite the joy of welcoming the new ones, there might be no chance for our generation.

Imran Khan Sahib, justice was your slogan. The law should be equal for all, regardless of wealth or social standing. The destruction of previous nations was often due to the divide between the rich and the poor. It’s time to prove that the same mistakes won’t be repeated.

If the Yuthias (political supporters) and Patwaris (opposite to youtia) start battling, remember that they are just crabs.

They harm each other, cutting off arms and legs.

Oh, orbital monkey dance, everyone will face consequences. Whether


I am an ordinary man.

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