Last chance

In Pakistan, the game of monarchy continues under the guise of democracy, a few decades ago when


“Thieves and Thieves”


The film was running with great success, those who were strong and powerful had a keen eye.

They felt that the new generation is not interested in this Scene

In the future, either knowledge can raise rebellion, or it can lead to independent thinking.

An emotional player appeared on the domestic scene who was increasing his goodwill quite a bit.

He was talking about strange things, from which this system had saved people.

And the new generation was attracted to him.

In a meeting of the  Company, considering the future concerns, it was decided to bring the above on the Sam page.

And then the one whose movement did not have full money for petrol in the cars,

The sky began to rain in gold, The priests of the rising sun changed their directions and he become the  talk of the town 

But he continued with the same force and intensity on the lines he was fighting for the previous 10 years.

Everyone was happy,it was peace like heaven

 thieves and thieves part 2

The film continued with a new style and new characters.

Where his stubbornness started to rise and the company decided to show him his hours.

At the same time, the emperor of the sea and the earth, the king of the planet, was angry.


(There was no conspiracy, no interference, the order was loud and clear, and compliance )


But at this point captain lost his 20 years of hard work, it is admitted that he did a few good things but the one thing which the future of the country and the nation was, which was his slogan for 20 years,  was forgotten.


Chowk went.


But in the meantime, the generation a generation stood behind him, surprised the company. And the one who was supposed to be lost in the black cloak of history stood up.

Hard times come upon the nations, and it is only in hard times that they become the lifeblood of the nations, hard and bitter decisions are made, and the weak go to the back row due to their weakness.

This may be the last chance in our life, after that if Pakistan remains, then the next generation will decide.

This rub has also polished this player, he has taken many steps back and proved himself to be able to stay in this game.

But there can be many justifications for the first failure, this time if you fall, there is no difference between them and you.

Ayub Khan did whatever he wanted.

The company didn’t let anyone say a single word .

half of The country was taken.

Yahya Khan passed lived hear walking comfortably in this country.

General Niazi ,He went to East Pakistan in the uniform of Cliff and returned as prisoner no.1.

And he died in this country at his natural age

Musharraf kept waving his fists.

He went of his own accord and when he want to come back, no one could stop him.

Those who destroy Pakistan never bother to answer the question.

The trigers of slavery that were continuously sown in our generations, nature protected you from them, you stayed there where the rulers and rulers of fture are trained.

Where no one allowed to crush independent thought .

In this institution, even today, most of the judges, politicians, bureaucrats, and those who are behind the scenes are all class fellows or was under training at the same time.

If the kitchen is not restored in this shock,

In the joy of the arrival of the new owner, the old one was not held accountable.

And the company, according to its traditions, again managed to send off the former with full honors.

So maybe there is no chance at this age, for our generation.

Reward and punishment for all

Khan Sahib’s it was your slogan justice and punishment,

Law is equal for all

Why were the previous nations destroyed?

The law of the rich and the law of the poor

 come and prove it.

 yuthia and Patwari if everyone starts laughing, then remember everyone

 You Crabs

Half green half red

Keep cutting each other’s arms and legs

 oh Orbital monkey dance

All will be boiled in their turn, what Patwari, Yutia, Jiala

All will be fried in the same oil..

If anyone has a misconception that soft quilts will change destiny, then remember that 2 million people died when Pakistan was freed from Hindus and the British, and 3 million lives were sacrificed for Bengalis to get freedom from Pakistan.


میری موج میری سوچ

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