Imran khan arrested, not again. The story of the last Msg.

 Imran khan arrested, not again. The story of the last Msg.

Imran Khan is finally arrested, and the desire for his arrest is continuously flooded in the media from the vote of no confidence, in one year we’re witnessing changing or better reverting what we believe one by one. 

This may be defining moment for Pakistan.

Imran Khan is not the first popular leader to face -State- power in Pakistan let’s discuss the recall of a few older events،and surprise yourself with similarities I also added some extra information so that one can well understand the scenario.

Brief History of East Pakistan

Bengal is a gold mine since ancient times. Every chapter of history shares Bengal’s portion.

The people of Bengal joined Pakistan of their own will but Western culture doesn’t ever accept them as country fellows they always treat them as inferior and useless.

A feudal mindset makes them live in misery and consume their resources. Sheikh Mujeeb who was an active member of the Pakistan Movement with his companions draft 6 points for the betterment of affairs. but the federation didn’t take him seriously and as a result, unrest started to rise.

He was raised as the voice of Bengal.

First General election of Pakistan

classic file photo of Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rahman
File photo of Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rahman

The first General elections were held in Pakistan on 7 December 1970, the election was on 300 members of the National Assembly, and 13 reserved seats for women.

With the unprecedented victory of the first general elections of Pakistan in December 1970, the people of East Pakistan gave Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the authority to speak exclusively for East Pakistan, In Pakistan’s national legislator.

The Awami League won 167 out of the 169 seats under his leadership, (including seven seats reserved for women). 

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at a solemn ceremony held on 3 January 1971 at Ramna Race Course with all the East Pakistan representatives took an oath never to deviate from the six-point when framing the Constitution for Pakistan.


The main issue at that time from the East was the division of resources and flight of capita

comparing of resources between east & west Pakistan 1950/70
Planning commission of Pakistan, 19751

Six points of Mujeeb ur Rahman

let’s take an upgraded look at the historical six points.

1- Federation of Pakistan must adopt a constitution and parliamentary system as the Lahore Resolution passed, and a parliamentary Government by directly elected persons.

After the separation of East Pakistan west Pakistan adopted the constitution of Pakistan 1973 and the system and notably by the same players involved in the separation. 

2- The Federal Government should take care only of the foreign office and defense, maximum provincial antonym should give to provinces.

After the 18th amendment almost, all said rights were given to units, and provinces hold autonomy

3- Two separate convertible currencies should introduce, if not possible for technical reasons laws should impose for stopping the flight of capital from the East to the West Pakistan constitution.

In my personal point of view, this was the reason behind “The Big NO” same behavior can be witnessed between Punjab and the rest of the provinces.

4- Provinces must allow imposing local taxes.

In Pakistan, provinces are allowed to collect multiple taxes and impose new, and even cantonments can collect tax subject to the approval of their concerned bodies.

5- The federal government’s foreign exchange liabilities should be divided into two wings or in a fixed ratio. Indigenous goods should be allowed to move freely between the two wings and allow the authority to establish trade relationships with other nations.

This is also adopted by West Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently in default due to visionless Policies, wasteful projects, and the high debt of Punjab spent on nonproductive mega projects.

6-East Pakistan should be allowed to have its separate arm forces.

Western citizens humiliate Bengalis for their appearance they were not welcomed into forces, furthermore Najeeb’s understanding was developed that Pakistan Movement is not over, and Freedom is still to achieve.

The question is, if they have been implemented today, why not in the past?

But, the players of West Pakistan, notably Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Yahya, plotted to stop and prevent Sheikh Mujibur Rahman from forming the central administration. President General Yahya Khan without any reason postponed the National Assembly session set for March 3 in Dhaka on March 1 of that year, which led to large-scale demonstrations in East Pakistan.

In East Pakistan, the civil administration fell under the command of Mujib during the non-cooperation, and he started acting as the de facto ruler of the province. Newspapers around the globe reported.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman now appears to have control of East Pakistan, according to that news, and the populace is fully behind him. The focal point of the action is currently Rahman’s Dhanmondi home, which was just moved from the residence of the British Prime Minister.  Evening Standard (London Daily)

On March 7, 1971, Mujib made a historic address at a massive gathering.

‘Build forts in each homestead. You must resist the Pakistani enemy with whatever you have in hand. Remember, we have given a lot of blood; a lot more blood we shall give if need be, but we shall liberate the people of this country, Insha Allah. The struggle this time is the struggle for our emancipation; the struggle this time is the struggle for independence.’

This is me is showing 4:00 to 5:00 four to five dead bodies some dead bodies on the Bank of the river and on the condition of first look they are killed several days ago

The West Pakistan political team with General Yahya started the talks on March 15 and it later emerged that the talks were a trap until the full preparations were over on March 25.

The Pakistani army had planned an operation for the next day, which was launched after Shaikh’s arrest at 11:30 pm the day before. The government of Pakistan admitted this in a white paper, citing reports that Mujeeb was about to launch an armed rebellion.

Mujib ur Rahman and the Bengali leadership realized the situation that day as the negotiations did not end well. The people of Bengal started digging the road between the cantonments and the city to prevent the army from entering the cities.

10 million took Refuge in India

Around 10:30 a.m. Mujeeb was arrested by a team of commandos, and the army entered the city with full readiness. It was decided that no leader or worker would survive.
The very next day the War of Independence began and the Declaration of Independence of Bangladesh was passed

Mujeeb was appointed president of the Mujibnagar government, formed on April 10, 1971, by the people’s representatives to lead the Liberation War, while Mujeeb had been imprisoned in Pakistan.

it is claimed that 200 students and 9 teachers were killed in Iqbal Hal and 700 were burnt to death at Dhaka University.

The Pakistani army left no choice in the end and had to submit on December 16, 1971, after a long and nine-month war.

independence declaration of Bangladesh’s had repercussions throughout the region and beyond, marking a significant turning point in the history of the Indian subcontinent.

general niazi signing surrender Bangladesh

In the operation, 300000 to 3000000 were killed and 10 million took refuge in India. this operation is often named the of genocide of Bangladesh

On 7 March 1971 in a meeting, Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan and Air Commodore Muhammad Zafar Masud objected to the planned operation. However, Yahya Khan gave orders to launch the operation. and Zafar Masud was removed from his post after refusing to strike civilians on 31 March.

Comodor Murad and the governor tried to convenience Yahya that the operation would result negatively.  A semi-autonomous East Pakistan was preferable to India’s military defeat in the event of intervention, but western generals and Bhutto made up their minds before landing in Dhaka. 

Sheikh Mujib’s personality served as a source of motivation for liberation fighters and a symbol of the nation’s power and solidarity during the War of Liberation.

East was Bleeding and west was Drinking

General Yahya Khan, Pakistan’s military leader in 1971 was a boisterous person, a hard drinker with a weakness for unrestrained frolicking. A telling description in the Time magazine was that ‘between dusk and dawn, Pakistan was ruled by pimps’.
Given his penchant for enjoying nocturnal pleasures, Gen. Abdul Hameed Khan, chief of staff of the Pakistan Army had instructed military governors of the provinces to carry out the President’s verbal orders given after 10 p.m. only after reconfirming them personally with the president the following morning.

‘Between Dusk and Dawn, Pakistan was ruled by pimps’: Time Magazine’s description in 1971..

(Devasher, 2022)

The Dark Days

In an interview, Najib recalled his memory:  

I forgot my pipe and tobacco. I must have my pipe and tobacco! The soldiers were taken aback, puzzled, but they escorted him back into the house, where his wife handed him the pipe and the tobacco pouch. was then driven off to nine and a half months of imprisonment by the Pakistani government for his leadership of the Bengali autonomy movement here in East Pakistan.

I had learned of a plot by the Pakistani military regime to kill him and lay it to the Bengalis.

Whenever I came out of the house, they were going to throw a grenade at my car and then say Bengali extremists did it and that was why the army had to move in and take action against my people.

I decided I must stay in my own house and let them kill me in my own house so that everybody would know they had killed me, and my blood would purify my people, i was initially driven to the National Assembly building, where I was given a chair.

 Then they offered me tea, 

After a while, i was taken to “a dark and dirty room” at a school in the military cantonment and for the next six days he spent his days in that room and his nights-midnight to 6am- in a room in the residence of the martial-law administrator Lieutenant General Tikka Khan. (hussaIn, 2023)

Mujeeb’s arrest operation started at 10 pm and was completed at 10:30pm, Before the arrest, he transmitted his last msg to the people of Bengal.

This may be my last message; today Bangladesh is independent. I call upon the people of Bangladesh, wherever you might be and whatever you have, to resist the army of occupation to the last. Your fight must go on until the last soldier of the Pakistan occupation army is expelled from the soil of Bangladesh and a final victory is achieved

A leader's test ground is in the real world with real challenges.  in his absence, its on the followers, how to react and respond

Good bye Pakistan

He was trialed by the Pakistani court, which gave him a death sentence. but foreign players made it possible to move on.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was released from Pakistani custody after the Bangladesh was liberated.

He was released from Pakistan on December 16, 1971, and made a return through London, reached Dhaka on January 1, 1972

Closing Statement

Sheikh Mujeeb and the people of Bangladesh suffered badly but no one in the West took them seriously.

the negotiations were only time gaining tactic for “The Operation”

1- once Sheikh said six points are not Quran and hadith can be changed.

 And today heavey Propogsanda aired of Imran Khan’s arrogance but no now is willing to or in the position of negotiations.

Imran Khan earlier some days showed his helplessness and heavely trolled by PMLN that “no one I engaging in talks.”

2- The people of Pakistan were under the tranquilizer of Propaganda so they are today.

Tactics used in East Pakistan are repeatedly tested.

3-Imran Khan’s house was declared a theater of war but suddenly after his statement of forces will kill own fellow members, for baning pti. forces closed eyes from that location.

4-via intelligence, they know ground realities so in gained time. With preparation they morally boost their troops liberating them from guilt shooting their own people.

5- people of the East Pakistan, pushed to the last wall left no option.
and today,
 Apparently, the reaction was low so now the provocation the phase

Sheikh mujeeb ur rahman and Fatima jinnah in an political gathering
Mujeeb was an active membr of Pakistan movement


From 1947 to 1971 all corruption mismanagement ruthlessness and acts of looting and destroying generations of their own people drone in a pool of blood from Bengal.

From 1971 to today it’s time to change hands so it’s just a refresh of dossiers all is good all is well and no one Is corrupt or criminal.

just an emergency followed by the new constitution. it’s time for a new beginning.

Imran Khan is used as a tool to rule the fool. be careful full because in an emergency there are no basic human rights if you know what your rights are.

What is next….

Why Mujeeb ur Rahman was not killed?


I am an ordinary man.

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