MacArthur to Bajwa

A simple comparison between two generals, General Macarthur And General Qamar Javed Bajwa.
one made his enemy progressive, made enemy into an ally, and second made his institution great, 

and Pakistan was not a priority …

 Character and actions make a leader great.

 Who build japan after ww 2?

General Douglas Macarthur was born on January 26, 1880, and is considered one of the most capable generals of the American army. He also served as a field marshal in the Philippines. He was awarded the United States Medal of Honor.

He also has the distinction of being the youngest person to become a Major General in 1925. He became the Chief of Staff of the US Army in 1930 and retired in 1937.

When the Second World War started, he was called again and appointed commander of the Far East Asia.

The general fought a number of wars in his life, won and lost .

He was awarded dozens of medals.

Under his command the area was , where atomic bombs were dropped for the first time in history, cities were wiped out, later he was appointed as the commander of the conquered area by the united forces.

Those moments in history are still preserved today. Son of the Sun was made to stand in the sun for 30 minutes to sign a defeat agreement. On that day, the Japanese delegation was in full uniform while the united forces were dressed in shirts with open collars, which was disrespectful to the defeated delegation. There was a way to do it.

After completing the occupation of Japan, the general tried the people  war crimes involved in.

why do the Japanese love, Douglas MacArthur?

MacArthur remarkably set aside his ego, anger, and pain of years and years in the war.
he wisely address the issues of Japanese society, if MacArthur has done otherwise ،So the results would have been different

What made Douglas MacArthur and Hirohito great?

Here history witnessed the endurance, and perseverance, of two great men. Here

The winner  taught to win by winning

Defeated taught to stand back after losing

In Japanese traditions, dishonor and defeat are answered by suicide.

The emperor of Japan, Hirohito was called the son of the sun, 

The manner in which he took defeat and humiliation proved that he was a great leader.

Even the conquered presented his best Horse and the general decide to take a horse ride and went for a tour of Tokyo,

 while the conquered emperor was along on a bicycle.

General MacArthur severely crushed the corruption, nepotism, power of the elite, 

and similar vices in the Japanese system.

The outdated traditions of the Japanese, and also brought down the status of the king.

Both of them set aside their ego, and their personal desires and did what was the need of the hour.

It was easy for Emperor to kill himself behind the locked door.

but it is not for everyone to bear the burden of defeat.

General Macarthur broke the pride of the Japanese and crushed the socio-economic and social evils. 

prevented Washington from taking action against the emperor,

The king fueled the spirit of national pride. and today

Japanese are leading the world in the field of technology.


legacy of general Qamar jaeed Bajwa...

General Qamar Javed Bajwa, is known as a good and professional officer,

 Even the Indian commander in UNO also appreciates his professional skills.

Bajwa Doctrine was the first limelight intro of General Bajwa to the world.

And then The Same Page. The page welcomes all but one at a time.

But the Punch line of Doctrine is still not cleared.

During your time, 

Indian superiority was established on the Kashmir issue.

the real center of power in the country was openly identified.

the worst defeat was inflicted on the Afghan policy.

we lost the war again after losing 80,000 lives.

The bloodshed is about to begin again.

Today, there is a shadow of fear on Swat ,

and people are begging for peace in front of the army compound in Wana.only one thing improved ,

 Rule of Army on law and the State .

When you are leaving, you are leaving Pakistan in a worse and worse state than  you took charge as Coas..

reveal .soon

General Bajwa mentioned General MacArthur in their last speach.

My dear sir,

To become MacArthur, a ruined country has to be put on the path of development and happiness.

 No one has become great to date by using power on the country’s inhabitants.

what was Bajwa doctrine and what was the same page?

history will decide soon.


I am an ordinary man.

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