The Myth of Nawaz Shrif’s progress in 2013/18

Even If we set aside the political differences with Mian Nawaz Sharif, the actual damage he caused to Pakistan’s ethics is far more significant and severe than the financial.

Ethical bankruptcy and the slogan

 “Khata ha to lagata be ha”

These slogans have been ingrained into society, which is unlike any other country in the world.

“Corruption to hoti rehti hat.”

These principles are the legacy of this very family-like golden rule passed down through generations.

Corruption exists everywhere in the world, but it is considered evil and frowned upon. Society resents corruption collectively, which limits its growth.

A new generation now considers ill-gotten wealth as permissible. This culture has established and flourished, where politicians or anyone associated with them engages take politics as business and corruption as right. 

Their past and lifestyle are evident with shining cars and radiant beards, which are enough to reveal the truth without uttering a word.

Developments under Nawaz Sharif rule 2013/18

Nawaz Sharif’s developmental years in power from 2013 to 2018 under the Muslim League (N) government are often praised for progress and prosperity.

But in reality, this era laid the foundation for Pakistan’s devastation. The PML-N government never initiated projects that yielded long-term results or were based on genuine economic considerations. Such projects require more effort, receive less media coverage, and usually don’t complete within a single government’s tenure.

Therefore, the distribution of “Sasta Atta” through laptops or long queues was considered a more favorable approach than empowering the nation.

Pakistan's external debt in Nawaz Sharif's era

Agraph showing Increase in Pakistan's External Loans from 2013 to 2018
Histrocia loan were taken 2013/18

This graph reveals the true face of the golden era of Mian Nawaz Sharif’s reign. The PML-N government trapped Pakistan in such a way that for every repayment Pakistan have to take more loans. and maximum loan spent on nongenerative projects.

Foreign reserves of Pakistan

Sudden Drop in Foreign Exchange Reserves in Pakistan in 2018 and 2023
Sudden Drop in forign reserves

However, the next graph also exhibits Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

The PML-N government’s economic campaign, which left piles of development and $6/8 billion in 2018, was a regular part of every talk show. But in December 2017, Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves were around $14 billion. After they felt the upcoming defeat foreign exchange reserves witnessed a continuous decline.

Despite taking historical loans, it didn’t have a significant impact on Pakistan’s exports.

A sudden drop in foreign exchange reserves has a direct impact on a common man’s life.

This was the reason why Imran Khan after entring in PM office started visits to friendly countries for a loans

The decline foreign exchange reserves after Dec 2017

pakistan forign exchange reserves from 2018jan to may 2018
Decline in Pakistan's forign aftr dec 2017

The extraordinary journey of progress is still ongoing, and Shahbaz Sharif has led the people into a blind alley. Perhaps, no one can accurately estimate the extent of the destruction.

When a person accepts his rights, he also takes ownership of his future generations. If he denies them, he denies his very existence. I believe that the past generations will surely question us, asking why we passed on our vulture-like nature to the next generations.”


I am an ordinary man.

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