Project Imran Khan Niazi, Facts you did’t Expect

Project Imran Niazi was perhaps the most complex and successful project in national political history, and the most remarkable thing is “Imran Khan Niazi” was not a part of said project.


What is the “Project Imran Khan Niazi”?

To better understand, we need to think about, why Project Imran Niazi was launched. look briefly at the political history of Pakistan.

Mian Nawaz Sharif was brought into politics by the establishment, and he made a big impact on the country’s political and social history. His entry made noticeable changes in people’s thoughts, values, and behavior.


Democracy’s basic ingredients 

To make it seem like there was democracy, the powerful groups had to make sure there were at least two political parties. The People’s Party and the Bhutto both continued and did well… The leaders of these parties enjoyed their positions and benefits in all ranks.

In Pakistan, two political groups, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), have been accusing each other of being corrupt in the government. The media has influenced people to believe these accusations. Both parties have done dishonest practices that hurt the country’s economy and the values of society.
This way of governing has harmed the values we followed; they didn’t think about what’s good for the people.


Unity is strength.

Interestingly, both parties have worked together to protect themselves from legal punishment and weaken the courts and the rule of law. They haven’t cared much about things that are important for the public’s well-being.


Time always changes. 

But things always change. Gen Musharraf made a big decision to connect Pakistan to the outer world, letting new ideas spread. The internet has changed the way we think about the future.

Another important thing was the introduction of a semi-private media that was supposed to be free and independent. This media has also helped shape the future.


The Rebellious Generation and the Cricketer

The younger generation nowadays doesn’t want to be a part of dishonest politics. After experiencing the modern world, they rejected the powerful ruling class known as “The system.” They were tired of this system and didn’t like politics.
Meanwhile, a cricket player named Imran Khan emerged, The saddest event of, his mother, Shaukat Khanum, death of cancer changed him. Imran Khan became a different person. He decided to make a hospital in Pakistan for people who have cancer. Even though he could have been really wealthy, making and running a top-notch cancer hospital in Pakistan was a bigger thing to do.


Playboy to mystic

After a few months, the same person who used to be a playboy and appeared without a shirt in magazines now described as a mystic, started a political party in Pakistan called “Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf“. He explained a simple rule for joining his party: “Anyone can join, but they should not show submission to any person, only to Allah.

To succeed in this world, you don’t necessarily need to be super smart, talented, or rich. The most important thing you need is to keep trying and never give up.

From starting his political journey in 1996 to leaving the Prime Minister’s House in 2020 he only repeated.


اِیَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَ اِیَّاكَ نَسْتَعِیْنُ



The Second world cup

The jalsa of 2011 was the second World Cup in Imran Khan’s life, Imran Khan himself admits that he could not sleep that night.

Manto Park or Iqbal Park was called “Baba Ki Kupi”, it is nearly impossible to fill it, there are only a few politicians for whom this park is filled, and in 2011 there was no MNA and no “ATM”.

But the people’s thrashing sea was up to the river Ravi. A large number of people could not even reach the “Jalsa gah” due to the rush. 

Imran Khan struggled hard for 15 years to make this day possible. The propaganda masters of evening talk shows didn’t ever consider 15 years of his struggle.


Shahbaz Sharief’s Counter Meeting

Shahbaz Sharif organized a counter-rally with full force in Bhati Chowk, which, despite the government resources, could not build the counter effect even in a MUCH smaller square.


Project Imran Khan Niazi Started.

Project Imran Niazi started from here. The rulers of the shadows and the beneficiaries of the system decided to ride on a new horse.

Rejecting the offer of financial support from General Pasha, Imran Khan further improved his reputation and was given support from all sides to move toward the PM office. the role of Imran was not decided as a prime minister.

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Well said Mr. PM, We’re racing with time but..

floods of pakistan and shah baz sharis

we are going to be a perfect example of a nation killed by its own incompetence. Flood is just the tip of iceberg.

Role of Imran Khan in Project

Imran Khan’s role was to stay on the streets only in the opposition as two other parties do for years.

The PML(N) and PPP have a very harsh past. People who used to dislike each and made us believe that they are enemies other are now enjoying themselves together they were friends from childhood. and equally shared corrupt practices.

Nawaz Sharif was briefly removed from his position, and people involved with the Pakistani justice system know that not every fir is for convection, sometimes it is for making the name clear at a lower cost.



The System Favours the corrupt

Nawaz Sharif is still a fav child of “the system” because he takes care of himself and others.

Imran Khan won the 2013 election with the support of young people and the middle class. The new generation was once rebellious and it was believed that this generation will change the system, but now they are a part of the system and hope for justice from the same system.

pakistan election voter turnout from 1977 to 2018
voter turout in any election shows the cofidence of people in system

Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

George Orwell’s 1984

The ultimate outcome of Project Imran Khan Niazi

The Project was to control this new generation and make the system rule secure. Today’s terrorists were once Youtia and innocent people, and before that, they were fifth gen warriors. They are victims of this system.
Imran Khan Niazi got no value today. and at the end of every operation, every loss knot is eliminated.


I am an ordinary man.

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