what is catharsis

Catharsis and its importance in our lifes…

The term catharsis refers to the release from stress and pressure.

what is catharsis?

A psychological term, for purgation, .unconsciously attached pains and triggers resulting tension and frustration, trauma.

passage of time, Fear, anxiety, and trauma become more and more severe altogether with the difficulties of everyday life,

people may feel overwhelmed, until they got a way to release these pints up emotions.

Charsis in everyday life

Catharsis is also of great importance in everyday life.

Whenever a person purged from a psychological and painful emotion.

Surely learned a lesson of insight. a door of wisdom opens with a positive change.

for example, 

after a breakup from an emotional relationship.

recovery brings positive life changes.

strong emotions when expressed bringing new insight

 what is the theory of catharsis?

psychological theory, in which catharsis is defined as an eruption of strong emotions associated with triggers like vocals art, events, etc.

 “catharsis” is the satisfaction that the creator receives

origin of catharsis

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle first used the term in defining tragedy and catharsis as the purification of emotions and fear.

The main principle of Aristotle was when the audience experienced an emotional and painful situation the audience was able to release pint up emotions and felt a sense of purification after that.

The concept of catharsis. It originated in the theater of ancient Greece.
Historical characters would present love stories and tragedies, 

and poets and actors would be able to create a strong emotional experience in the audience.
felt that in such a way that the audience could expand the emotions and feel a sense of puritya tangible and healthy mental experience.

Aristotle argued that the process of catharsis is essential for emotional well-being.

Plato defines tragedy as mental chaos.

Later on, sigmund freud used this term concerning phycology and same by Josef breuer, found 

catharsis as the deliverance of mental illness, hysteria.

These are some basic techniques for Catharsis:

Catharsis can be achieved by various methods:


 one can purify his emotions via writing journals or anything that can express thoughts and emotions.


Talking is the primary and most common way to achieve catharsis but the most difficult question is who will listen and why.

A trustworthy and empathetic friend is needed for this technique. 

Art therapy:

 in this technique emotions and pain is expelled by  Creating art, such as painting, poetry drawing.

Physical movement:

 physical activity can help release tension. activities like dance, exercise, walk bring good effects..

Group therapy:

Participation in group therapy sessions can provide a supportive environment for expressing emotions،


Listening or creating music can provide a way to express emotions that a person in normal conditions can’t express..


Engaging in conscious breathing exercises, such as pranayama or holotropic breathwork, can help individuals access،deeper emotions and promote release and catharsis.

It’s important to keep in mind that different techniques work for different people, and it may take some experimentation to find the right method that works for you.


And after all that, the conclusion is

To be heard and to be  loved 


two basics human needs 



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