Will Meta stock be able to recover this time? what about the human side?


Will Meta stock be able to recover this time? what about the human side?


 Meta platform going to sink under its weight?

Facebook is the uncrowned king of the social media world.No company could stand up to this.

After the announcement of Facebook’s decrease in profit the share market reacted in such a way that the price of meta stock fell by 266 billion dollars in a single day.

Isn’t it strange that a company with a monopoly on social media lost 266 billion dollars in a single day?

ؐMeta’s Journey started when students made a way to connect, People in the busy World are connected in such a way, that Facebook has become part of their daily lifestyle.

  It opened new doors of knowledge and connected people around the globe. people from all continents became family.

 Facebook has never looked back since its inception.

A platform with ideal freedom made them, addicted to Facebook. 

even Some people start every morning with Facebook.

Facebook’s share in the world web traffic is around 58% 

.It has become compulsory for every business to join Facebook and ensure their presence on this platform.

Here Facebook management has defined the new direction of the company. Facebook became a subsidiary company of Meta.

once a social platform, redesigned for business.

Those who were earlier assets converted to customers, potential customers, And customers in the future.

People who are connected to Facebook, know that after the change, how much the advertisement was focused on.

Facebook holds a treasure in form of data, pure data is precious, and data sciences evolved in a way that now, with the help of data, can predict people’s attitudes and thinking patterns in the future.

Using the same data, targeted ad campaigns are designed and profited.

Meanwhile, more and more data about user behavior continues to be collected.

Apple has recently changed its privacy policy to block access to user data.

This action alone resulted in a loss of more than 10 billion due to the ineffectiveness of the targeted ads.

Earlier, the user’s trust was also broken in a data leak.

GDPR continuously slaps meta with heavy fines for revealing the data of users but Meta continually violates the EU’s data protection laws. 

                    How it feels when a community center turned into a market and commodity, USERS.


that the love of users, made Facebook grow, and the people’s connectivity that  Zuckerberg earned.

Meta must treat users in the old way.

Any company, or product when designed,

  The purpose and use of the product are decided.

Facebook was and should be a social platform.


The question is whether Meta Stock will be able to regain its old position in the market?



For better understanding, a few issues have to be looked at together.

Metta has reached this point by breaking its own records. The loss due to stock market volatility will be recovered in the stock market itself.
some times, Take a few steps back to take a big leap One such case could be Relativity Labs Meta is making its investments very fast. The company’s CEO, Mark Elder, is very optimistic about this and hopes that Meta will reemerge as a trillion-dollar company within the next year.
A review of the records reveals that Meta’s operational expenses are currently $66.26 billion, while Meta’s realty lab investment is $32.61 billion, which is more than all expenses.
It should be noted that Realty Labs has not made any significant profit so far.

The meta stock will come back very quickly

Players are more focused on their characters today than on technology or projects. The market is calling for the chairman to reach $12 per share by 2025.
Analyst consensus estimates call for Meta’s earnings per share (EPS) to grow a total of 33% over the next several years and reach $12 by 2025.

Let’s assume Meta’s business will be fine by then. The advertising industry ‘recovers’, and should recover along with the economy. Reality labs will look a lot different by then than they do today, and maybe Wall Street bigwigs will love meta-platforms again.

Meta needs a share price of about $379 to reach a $1 trillion market cap using the current number of shares outstanding. The company routinely repurchases shares, but let’s assume that analysts factored this into their EPS estimates. If so, if Meta ear its median P/E over the past decadened $12 per share and traded at of 34 P/E, the resulting share price would be $408, enough to reach the target $1 trillion market value.07


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