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Can Pakistan evade civil war, Yautia boys saved the nation

We make a plan and Allah makes a plan
In Pakistan, we unearth the conspiracies of the whole world, but our own mysteries are unsolved. 
The Murderer of Liaquat Ali Khan was an Afghani, the one who tried to kill Imran Khan was a fool, and a general was killed by the mob.

Think what it would be like if that happened

Can Pakistan evade Civil war

Have you ever gone through such a situation?
When all your fears and calculations Stood in front, The same thing happened to me.
After watching a viral video, I got a slight shiver in my body and started sweating.

The thoughts and worries that had been scaring me for six months were all true.

No. Pakistan can’t evade civil war, the only way out is unity and law, the law even in its worst form. 

Pakistan under Propaganda

Propaganda is a science. Pakistan has now surpassed Hitler and Europe in negative propaganda.

Continuously using modern techniques, People are ready to kill each other On a political basis..

 PTI spotters were given names likeYutia and made into slurs. the generation that had to pave the way to science and technology, Was led astray.

The new generation was forced to stand up and crash in every possible way, but this generation is still not ready..

It takes time to pick up a gun instead of a pen.

How things work

People are misinformed and then provoked. in reality, we are just figures alive or dead. 

Create an environment then convey them make them ” Do what you want, No Elections, No Session will be called  ” 

In an article titled “A Nation’s Shame” published in the Newsline magazine of September 2000, Ahsan concluded:

But who was responsible for creating this hostile atmosphere and hatred among the people? The situation deteriorated further after General Yahya Khan postponed the first session of the newly elected constituent assembly. It became very clear immediately after the election results that the generals were not prepared to transfer power to the Awami League.

They were constantly pushed, rejected, and trained, till this date not a single person from power blocks engaged with them, and the Burgher boys eventually learned to protest and stand up.

But constantly sharp engagement and introducing them to harsh conditions, They have been slowly brought to the desired point..

So far, many people have said that” they” do not have proper knowledge of ground reality, but my assessment was, after getting knowledge, they would be busy in a new organization.

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Who will pull trigger

But other factors were also known from previous experiences.

Operatives can understand in this kind of operation, some people may stick with their values and beliefs, and the purpose of the uniform they wear is to serve and protect the same people.

Be it Bangladesh or Bhutto Sahib’s love of watching “Chand Mari

Asghar Khan wrote in his memoir that when Yahya asked Bhutto what he intended to do about East Pakistan. Bhutto Replied "East Pakistan is no problem we will have to kill some 20,000 people there and all will be well.ˆ

On each occasion, not one but several people left the bow, and also some were forced to do.

From, The Governor Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan, Air Chief of East Pakistan Muhammad Zafar Masud,

 to the tail order. they prepared.

George Orwell’s way

The dog’s day shined, those who were in the habit of miserable and unhuman conditions and behaved 

like outcasts got a pleasant rain of honor, and they are ready on old wages، Pigs remain in power

After Imran’s arrest, we all know that the reaction was very low.  Pakistan had to do propaganda on both the internal and external fronts.

Panjab for a long time in a habit of burning others’ homes. This time, facing what did have sown.

Difference in life standers east and west Pakistan.

Why in high tension corps commandant Lahore left alone

  • Imran Khan was arrested at the peak of propaganda.
  • After shutting down the internet rumors were spread very precisely.
  • The security of the Corps Commander House was removed۔
  • The whole world witnessed that the main entrance of the corps commander’s house was opened by ladies.
  •  and in the second, the whole story is summarised.

Results can be other vises….

PTI supporters were furious and provoked to cross the red line.

Then giving them access to General Suleman gani Seems like,

Yothia, come forward and claim your trophy.

Anyone who observes the Mob’s psyche can affirm, it’s a miracle that the General and his family were not hurt.

Only one step and the game is over.

Just imagine if the news is like..
” Corps Commander Lahore Faiz Soleimani, along with his wife and son died after being tortured by the PTI mob.”

The man sitting in the barrack will react without thinking under his reflex who is in front without hesitation.

If you have young offspring, look at them from this point of view, they are still Burgers.

They are complaining to the general that wrong is done to them but propaganda made it like Youtias are from space.


Don’t force them to be

The old sages used to say, that the last battle of Pakistan have to impose.
Maybe it’s time for these burgers to get younger.

Operation trigger point failure led to Plan B.


Zaman Park was declared the theater of the war after Imran’s statement about a plot to kill policemen and use them as a trigger.

The state turned horses, why?

Why was there no security at Corps Commander House?

Where were the barricades and fencing, do you believe 15 boys can penetrate Jinnah House security?

When the boys crossed the gate and came to the general, where was the personal security of the general?

Do You believe these boys attacked and then do no harm General?

Why is there no one to save the General and his family in the video? nor a military guard.


We are known for our incompetence is known all over the world.


I chose Operation Searchlight on the basis of resemblance and the trust “we are incapable of making new”

Big Brother is on the same track, the same style.

Will Punjab be able to turn the last page?

Why Mujeeb ur Rahman was not killed by Pakistan

McArthur’s, policy implemented in the whole world “Doesn’t kill the king and doesn’t spare the ministers.”

Even after the separation of East Pakistan, Mujibur Rahman was not killed because people could easily use his name and also Majeed.
For example, call for a court appearance and then send them back

989 people related to writing and teaching and 41 people related to the law were killed before the war.
To keep slaves, it is necessary to kill the ideological and intellectual identity
Such nations become worse than the living dead

Bangladesh sided with Pakistan for 25 years and Mujeeb was detained or imprisoned for almost 12 years.

But his achievement was to guide the Bengalis “where to go” and what true freedom is.

Imran Khan is not  “The destination”. His job was to show the path to “Hqiqi Azadi.” 

Imran Khan cannot stop what is going to happen.

If we cannot yet appreciate freedom, “Where to go?

If you can see only what light reveals and hear

 only what sound announces

 then in truth,

 you do not see 

nor do you hear.


New updates are on the surface revealing that The General was used as a trophy, this is going dirty. after the regime change, they are madly trying to get a uniform in blood.

Why. Because America is not allowing marshal law from October real war is in rooms eventually time to face the music.

Remember without the help of Dogs, Pigs cant win.

and with out peoples support pigs cant hold farm for long.

The news update is that Pakistan Ltd. Announced a bounty on those Youtia heroes, and my personal opinion is that they deserve national thanks


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