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Unmasking the Master of Deception: How Pakistan Supports Cyber Fraud

Pakistan is a haven for fraud, anyone able to deceive the common man due to a weak judicial system and supportive behavior from state institutions that attract con artists from around the world.

This is the tale of a global conman whose audacious fraud defies measurement. Andersson exploited the vulnerabilities of the Pakistani system to advance his ambitions, leaving behind a path of shattered dreams and disillusioned youth.

The extent of his fraud remains a mystery, yet Pakistani authorities allowed him to escape justice twice. For a decade, he plundered Pakistan, as the nation’s priorities seemed to prioritize everything except the well-being of its people.

Dan Andersson lauched Unaico Pakistan

dan Andresson Ceo of leo

Dan Andersson

Dan Andersson is founder Learning Enterprises Organization Ltd (LEO) and LEO coin. LEO provides education and skills training improve business skills. Dan Andersson is expert in Direct selling he also worked for Fortune 500 companies. He was a training consultant for some of Europe's top companies like Toyota, DHL, Phillips, Digital Equipment, some of the largest retailers in the UK, banks, professional service firms, and a whole cross-section of modern and traditional business.
SECP wanrig to pulic 2012
SECP Wared Pulic aout activities of UAiCO (2012)

Dan Andersson launched Unaico Pakistan in March 2012. All shares of Unaico were owned by Dan Andresson through which he induced members of the general public to invest in his scheme, By 2013 Unaico had collapsed.

Dan Anderson did not specify for what purpose or product they were investing, nor did the company’s memorandum specify. Dan Anderson was committing securities fraud without any permission from Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

Authorities initiated Inquiries. 

As the company got pace, noticed by the authorities and the SECP initiated action against Anderson. Anderson offered to “voluntarily shut down the company” but the SECP rejected such an offer at that time.

During the inquiry, Anderson denied NAB access to Unico Pakistan's financial records.

Investors lost millions.

By that time the company was in heavy losses, and investors’ capital had sunk. In parallel with the SECP’s action, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) launched a separate investigation against Anderson. Anderson and his colleague Atif Kamran offered to return the money to the UNICO victims.

Andersson admitted a fraud of 98.01 million rupees 

(US$1.37 million).

NAB Approved the Affidavit.

In January 2013, the NAB approved the affidavit without inquiry or even without checking the estimated amount. in return for Anderson being cleared of damages associated with UNICO and allowed to leave Pakistan.

The Affidavit was Just Beginning.

Despite Anderson’s undertaking to pay dues to all UNIKO people, the complaints continued to be received. NAB has recorded more than 2,000 additional complaints from the victims. The case against Anderson was reopened. Till then He had left Pakistan and was Starting a new company LEO. However, NAB put his name on the Exit Control List.

In his absence, he managed to stay intact with the Pakistani market, as the major portion of traffic to Andrisoon’s website was from Pakistan

Learning Enterprises Organisation (Leo)

LEO the company behind fraud in pakistan
LEO (Learning Enterprises Organisation)
Atif Kamran Marketig head Leo

Atif Kamran

Atif Kamran is a Pakistani, he joins Dan Andersson since the Unaico days. Kamran is with Andersson from Unaico into LEO as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Later that same year he launched My Travel Biz, a travel-themed pyramid scheme.

Learning Enterprises Organisation or Leo offers 150 skill courses in 24 languages. The fact is that the LEO was a Ponzi scheme, with no Sale able products or services, the company only pays commissions for recruiting new affiliates.


LEO Coin

As new opportunities Surfaced in the name of cryptocurrencies Aderson Shifted towards crypto and launched LEO Coin.

Dan Anderson released his coin in 2015, which became tradable in 2017, The company promoted trading in the coin internally and members were allowed to sell the coin back to the company at any time.


LEO Products

LEO Academy;  The Lion Code Inspiration Becoming a Lion £25 GBP
LEO Mastery; The Yes Secret, The Yes Secret 1 to 1 £125 GBP
LEO Leadership; Jackie Jarvis Consultant Sales, Presentation Skills and Decision Making £500 GBP

LEO Affiliate Program


Purchase £10 LEO credit pack (only 5% payout via binary, no access to rest of compensation plan)


Spend £125 when joining LEO or recruit an affiliate who does


Spend £500 when joining LEO or recruit an affiliate who does


Spend £1000 when joining LEO or recruit an affiliate who does


Spend £5000 when joining LEO or recruit an affiliate who does

Dan Anderson's Return

In March 2018, Dan Anderson returned to Pakistan, and launched his company Leo (LEO) Pakistan, its opening ceremony was held at The Nishat Hotel in Lahore. 

Why did Andresso come to Pakistan Again?

The statistical data shows that a significant portion, around 65 to 75%, of the traffic to Dan Andersson’s website was coming from Pakistan.

Meanwhile, LEO was on the verge of Bankruptcy, especially after the case by Ali Kamran.

In response to this situation, Dan Andersson made a strategic decision to refresh and harvest his resources in Pakistan.

Dan. Anderson’s Arrest

When Anderson tried to leave Pakistan, the airport authorities stopped him, and his passport was confiscated. he was arrested by NAB.

Anderson’s Stad for bail in Lahore High courts

Anderson, at the time of his bail, argued that the nab had accepted the previous agreement/affidavit and hence no fresh action could be taken.

Dan Anderson came back with a Beard.

Bitcoin Alternative LEO Coin Linked to Suspected Pyramid Scheme

The founders of bitcoin alternative LEO Coin have been previously linked to a suspected pyramid scheme, raising questions about their latest venture. coindesk

NAB’s Stand.

The NAB claimed that the new investigation was correct as Anderson had submitted a “false affidavit” in which he failed to disclose his “responsibility for the entire fraud”.

NAB opposed Anderson’s request on the ground that if he was allowed to flee Pakistan, he would not be able to complete his proceedings.

The court ruled that in order to make the voluntary return settlement “valid and binding”, all assets and the entire profits earned must be fully disclosed.

In the case in hand, the petitioner, who is a foreign national, was alleged to have induced members of the general public to invest in a sham scheme and thus he was alleged to have committed the offence of cheating the public at large.

While the inquiry was pending the petitioner made a voluntary offer to return the gains.

It was, therefore, akin to an admission to the commission of the offence.

He was required to make a full and complete disclosure of the entire gains made during the course or in consequence of the commission of the offence.

After his discharge, the Bureau has received a large number of claims from members of the public.

This, prima facie, indicates that at the time of making the offer the petitioner had not made a full and complete disclosure of all the assets or gains acquired.


The directive grants the NAB a span of ninety days to make a decision regarding the initiation of legal proceedings against Andersson. In the interim, Andersson’s name remains on Pakistan’s Exit Control List.

LEO, once hailed as a beacon of education, revealed its dark underbelly – a Ponzi scheme with hollow promises. Leo shut down the Pakistani authorities. Dan Andersson was fined 1 million rs.

LBL(learn build lead)

LBL Lead App

LBL released app o 17 Aug 2020 it is claimed that 15000 people online participated in app launch, with 3+ ratting this app downloaded 100000+ time.

Crypto Newsz

since August 2016, the company has been missing a hefty amount of 300K GBP. Soon in a time span of a few months this amount rose to 4000K GBP. This made the executives of the company complain to Andersson. To this, in January 2017,

After Authorities shut down the LEO. After a few days a new company started its operations in Pakistan, this time it was LBL.

The question is who paid the fine for Dan Andersson?

Dan Andersson didn’t appear on any platform after his arrest, but speculations are, he was in Pakistan for 18 months, corona pandemic and no flight order made him stay in Pakistan. The man with extra sugar coating “Liaqat Ali Khan Magray” was the person who was said to pay off the government in Pakistan.

How things work.

Dan andresso’s most valuable asset was its database of clients or victims, these victims work hard aggressively to overcome their losses and make more affiliates for the pyramid. These schemes can’t stand without new participants.

LEO’s goodwill and assets were sold to Andersson Limited on 29 May 2019 for £500,000.

The Andresson Limited also offloaded and a new company Started as LBL(Lead Build Learn), It is believed that Liaqat has done Dan a huge Favour, and this LBL is a “reward” for his efforts.

On September 1, they launched an App LBL, Wiyh Sloga “earn money without spending any investment only by watching ads”.

This company offloaded after a year and it was a good show, 


Tragedy with Pakistan

The story doesn’t conclude here; Dan Andresson and similar figures launched numerous ventures in Pakistan. A young man with just a bachelor’s degree, capable of producing no creative content – what can we expect?

These initiatives revolved around online earning and cryptocurrencies.

Dan Andresson, an international swindler, confronted Pakistan’s NAB, judicial system, yet the true extent of his looting remains incalculable.

His database remains a treasure trove, as he manipulated millions into believing they could achieve instant riches without effort or skill.

He concocted a global sham enterprise, yet his encounter with the law was confined to Pakistan. NAB’s belief in Ali Kamran’s role as mere formality overlooked the fact that he was associated with Andresson until 2016, Now listing his own company.

Do you believe Andresson halted his operations in Pakistan?

I doubt it.

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