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Decoding the Enigma: Pakistan’s Regime Change Riddle Unveiled

What is Regime Change?

“Regime Change” is an American term.

The United States is the most powerful country in the world without any competition. In order to maintain this power, it changes the governments of other countries according to its own intention. It removes undesirable rulers from power using all means available. This can include elections, coups, parliamentary maneuvers, or even resorting to protests and wars if no other solution works.

Did Pakistan Experience a Regime Change?

In Pakistan, every failure, weakness, or incompetence is attributed to international conspiracies. There is always some conspiracy theory circulating around the Clock, but after collecting news and stories we will create a fictional narrative.

Let’s align some information pieces from the internet and try to solve the riddle.

Read and comment if anything you think is missing.

Foreign Agent Registration Act 1938

Since ancient times, it has been a common practice for countries to use gifts, favors, and monetary assistance to establish relationships and exert influence in other countries.

Instead of using force to prevent it, America made it legal by enacting the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) in 1938 and made it mandatory to disclose all related records publicly.

All relevant records are easily accessible.

Robert Greiner

Robert Greiner was a CIA officer who served as the Station Chief in Pakistan in 2001. Upon promotion, he was assigned to Iraq Operations and was relieved of duty in 2006 for disclosing classified information.

Contract with Robert Greiner

On July 27, 2021, Robert Greiner submitted a FARA registration.

According to the document, on the 16th of the same month, he entered into an agreement with a person named Iftikhar Hussain Rahmani to provide services.

Mr. Iftikhar Rahmani is a senior member of the ruling party and a resident of Islamabad.

Furthermore, it is stated that the agreement will facilitate the oversight of some government officials and the funds will be received from the government treasury.

At that time, the ruling party in Pakistan was Tehreek-e-Insaf.

agreement of pti with cia

Choose Vote of No Confidence

In April 2022, a Vote of No Confidence Marks the End of Tehreek-e-insaf’s Government in Pakistan. Imran Khan was removed from the PM office.

cliping bearing the ne s of imran khans lobbing for himself in us

Media Breaks News in Pakistan

Clipping bearing the news of Imran Khan lobbying for himself in the US.

The reporting on this case was delayed in Pakistan, but eventually, the news was published.

On August 18, 2022, all major newspapers published headlines and articles about it.

First Fara Submission

October 14, 2022

On January 31, 2022, Robert Greiner, as per US law, submitted a report revealing a contractual agreement with Tehreek-e-Insaf, the ruling party. The contract specified media research and moderate services, for which he received $150,000. The report clearly stated that he had no intention of collaborating with policymakers or exerting influence over anyone.

Thus, the funds allocated by the government were not intended for lobbying purposes.

Image of Submission i

Image of Submission ii

Image of Submission iii

Update Report February 11, 2022

Greiner submitted a revised report concerning the same contract, which was extended until January 31, 2022.

In this updated report, Robert Greiner made modifications to the fund distribution mentioned in his previous report.

He received $30,000 from Iftikhar Hussain Rahmani and transferred it to Hussain Haqqani.

Hussain Haqqani held a significant role within the Pakistani establishment and played a crucial part in managing relations with American authorities.

However, following the Memogate scandal, Haqqani never returned to Pakistan and took every opportunity to criticize the country wherever he went.

Haqqani’s anti-army view

Haqqani’s anti-army view(2)

Hussain Haqqani’s pro-army tone

Suddenly, Hussain Haqqani’s tone and writing shift in favor of Pakistan, especially the Pakistan Army. At the same time, he starts working on a report.

Please check the date of the initial payment.

it’s not the same Haqqani: Click

International Press clippings 

Just look at some viral news those days to develop a better understanding of the scenario.


India Today

Kamran Bokhari, a Washington-based foreign policy analyst,”Even before Imran Khan’s ouster, General Bajwa visited countries that Khan was upsetting such as Saudi Arabia, and tried to fix diplomatic hiccups that the then PM had caused,” Bokhari tells India Today, adding that General Bajwa is doing the same after Khan’s ouster, but with much more vigor.  

Strategic observers are not surprised by the F-16 assistance to Pakistan. They say Pakistan’s recent stance of supply of ammunition to Ukraine in the ongoing war with Russia and asking the Taliban administration in Afghanistan to hunt down Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar could have influenced the Pentagon’s decision. Besides, the Biden administration was thought to be satisfied with the approach 

Another one

“The way Pakistan, especially its military leadership, bowed down to the US, the F-16 assistance is certainly a reward,” 

Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan ambassador to the US, agrees that General Bajwa’s visit is continuation of Pakistan’s efforts to undo the damage caused by Imran Khan’s rhetoric. “The regime change narrative peddled by Khan negatively impacted US-Pak ties, but the civil-military leadership in Pakistan is determined to repair the damage,” he says, adding that foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was also focused on rebuilding ties during his engagements in the US.

Regime change of Pakistan

Report by Hussain Haqqani

The report was issued in October 2022 and gained global attention. Hussain Haqqani appeared on various programs and gave interviews everywhere. 

In Pakistan, this report was highlighted on every platform.

The title of the report is:

US re-engagement with Pakistan: Ideas for reviving an important relationship.


Front page 

When reviewing the authors of the report, pay attention to the last name

Regime change of Pakistan

That means they are not focused on who is taking the money and the money trail continues.

Renewal of Contract

In June 2022, Greiner obtained another contract renewal form, indicating an additional $50,000 in funds. The form specifically addressed the extension of the contract duration.

Greiner outlined the research services he would provide in this form.

However, Imtiaz Durani’s signature was absent from this contract.

It is important to note that by that time, the government of Tehreek-e-Insaf was overthrown by PDM, via an alleged regime change.

The question arises:

Who was the source of funds facilitated through Imtiaz Durrani?

No signatures

New Payment

Complete Story of Regime Change in Pakistan

The Onset of Regime Change

There was an unverified rumor about Mr. Haqqani’s meeting with the CIA in September 2021, where nearly all prominent figures were said to be present.

There was no “SAME PAGE”. This time, we took the initiative for regime change ourselves.

Since the change of government, there have been two factions within the timeline, until October.

Amidst the uproar, accusations were made against Imran Khan for corruption.

Some famous Slogens were.

Niazi is corrupt.

Gogi is corrupt.

Difference in parts one and two.

The second faction shattered all boundaries of shamelessness and indecency, starting with fabricated audio.

The ongoing competition has brought forth many things, laying bare the true and ugly face of society.

What unfolded in October?

Perhaps this statement holds true.

Missing Part of story and Mysterious Tweet

Saeed Afridi, a Pakistani researcher residing in the UK, shared part of the story in his tweet.

They claim that the United States is not involved in this regime change, and they also mention a regular inquiry in the White House. And the situation is somewhat similar.

This is a part of this long thread.

The broad coalition cobbled together by Pak military to replace IK’s govt has proved comparatively unpopular, faced repeated electoral setbacks, FURTHER fuelled anti-Americansism & made IK’s future return to govt through elections a dilemma never before faced by the military

US officials were presented a Pak military proposal for US budgetary/economic support as military implements a temporary emergency. forcefully clamp IK’s challenge & then hold elections, guaranteeing a ‘friendly’ Prime Minister(present Foreign Minister)
This time, there were “NO TAKERS” in Washington

when given the opportunity,later, US officials REFUSED to participate in a barely constitutional proposal incl، a crack down against IK’s political party This time US officials/senators “INSISTED” that there should be no further “barely constitutional” measures,military follow norms of service(on retirements),reduce its political role & the US assist a ‘democratically legitimate’ govt to pursue political & economic stability

So,contrary to IK’s assertions,the US did NOT instigate a conspiracy that led to military removing IK’s Govt

Screenshot of Tweet

Screen shot of Tweet

All the irrelevant and futile talk would have been insignificant if the date of this tweet was not October 23, 2022. It would have been the most unique and less heard perspective in October, discussed worldwide. 

However, the upcoming events have proved it’s relevance.

Why did Robert Greiner submit the first report late? 

It may be intended to hide Haqqani’s name until the end of Imran’s government.

What is the motive of Hussain Haqqani’s report?

The sole purpose of the report was to not leave the army alone, to support them, and a message was conveyed, that the Russian visit of PM Imran Khan was his decision. he visits Russia of his will.

The Press conference of the PDM leader showed a better picture of what they plan.

Now the question is why?

The so-called regime change is imposed so we prove to us our obedience because Pakistan is allegedly involved in a double role in the war on terror, an unimaginable hate wave is felt in us on all levels.


Fate of Pakistan

Our accountability method has remained constant for more than 100 years. Ultimate justice is unknown to us, nor wo de desire.

Wo Kon Tha, famous question of Arshad Sharif is forgotten as his murder. Even mentioning Arshad’s name has become a crime.

The country named “Pakistan” rushing towards disaster.

After killing thousands of people, peace was about to be made, and now the Drums for a new war.

I am in search, hoping to find the answers…





All references are available online at the US Justice Department, but if you want to create your own theory, send an email in the comment section.

Agreement of 17 July

Fara submitted on 4 Oct 2022

Supplementary update

Hussain Haqqani’s report

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