• December 12, 2023

The Unconcerned’s concerned, meeting of General Asim Munir

Everyone is aware of the importance of meetings in any organization, but news catches my attention, Story of the meeting of Coas Asim Munir reminded me General’s meeting from the past.

The Unconcern ed’s concerned, meeting of General Asim Munir

When Imran Khan came into power in 2018, the financial crisis was beyond anyone’s predictions. The country had nominal dollar reserves, and the continuous monthly deficit draining the lifeline of finance. Imran Khan on arrival at business briefed and prepared, about crises and then shown him ed him the way to friendly countries. General Bajwa worked side e by side day and night. And both of them made the system back on track. The of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa called a meeting. with the big guns of finance businessmen, he tried to create an interest in investing in new projects in the country.

In addition to garments, other fields have been discussed attention towards investment in IT and minerals. Aqeel Karim Dhedi, Malik Riaz, Mian Amir, Mian Mansha, and all other big investors were present at this meeting. The corruption of the former finance minister was highlighted with full zeel also criticized Heveliy and he also referred to a meeting where in the presence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Vespa Scooter was not allowed to set up a factory for non-payment of bribe.

There is a tradition in the country since time immemorial that on one hand the swearing-in ceremony is held and on the other hand the Kashol(کشکول چکائی) ceremony is held.

Businessmen of the top level always hold top connections. so before the results reflect on the ground their speculation turned black.

 They were informed that we are on the same old thought track, and not a single investment was made. Operation regime change was delayed due to Corona but imposed swiftly when they saw double benefits in it. The situation turned worse because it was the first time for the young, inteneration. internationally nations turned their eyes away from Pakistan.

Domestic industry was deliberately shut down, and advance orders of 20 years were canceled. The country was pushed to a systematic slow death. The factory owners continued to complain, perhaps the authorities had different priorities. No one can assure us about Basic human needs in the future.

The news was about General Asim Munir the new Coas has revived the old meeting and held a try to make some positive impact on business. He assured them that business in Pakistan is secure, and we evade default.

And this time the same people attending the meeting were the same as last. so, the results. Business books refer to the wild pigeon as a way to understand investor behavior. When the grain is scattered on the ground, the Pigeon waits, and lastly when all the birds are on the ground pigeon flies to food when sure about the conditions. And the first one to fly after getting a knock is a Pigeon. 

The point here is this meeting was not for General Bajwa’s Concern then nor is it now. The General left the security and holds a trade meeting. What is the Job of our finance minister?

This meeting should have been held in the Ministry of Finance. First, the general is invited, then we accuse them of interfering in the departments. Businessmen fear the guns in the gun.

There is no industry in Balochistan province. There is no industry in KP. Peace is the key to business and business is the key to development Peace must be established. And that’s not done by   Ministry of Commerce.

General Sir, let him do his work and develop the ability in himself to do his work. When Peace established

Without a meeting, the pigeons will come and invest.


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